These general terms and conditions apply to the use of all services offered by S.r.l., for free or onerous, unless the parties anticipate otherwise, both for Users and for Customers.

Art. 2. Definitions.

The S.r.l. It is the company that offers services. Based on Colonnella (TE), c.da San Giovanni, 64, c.f. e p.iva 01975940675. The “Customer” is the individual company or company that makes use of the services offered, free or onerous, by S.r.l. The “Users” are people who use the “reachseeker” application or their website.

Art. 3. Conclusion of the contract.

The Contract between the Client and S.r.l. It is concluded when the latter, after receiving the order by the Client, proceeds to activate the service. The activation of the service, which will take place only after receipt of the payment, is communicated to the Customer by email.
By using the website or the Application, the Client and the Users accept these general terms and conditions.
When using the website or the application, the user declares that he has full capacity to act in accordance with the legislation of his state of residence, with reference to the object of this contract.

Art. 4. Purpose of the services. S.r.l. manages and makes available to users and customers an application, which can be used through the web and the smartphone, called “” that allows users to evaluate and review their experience in locations, such as restaurants , pizzerias, bars, etc., related to the world of catering. With reference to Customers, business owners, S.r.l. It provides both free and paid services.

Also with reference to paid services, S.r.l. is obliged only to make available the platform and services, without responding in any way to the use of the platform by users. In particular, the Client is expressly informed that the utility of the available services, both free and of payment, depends on the use of the application by the users, of which S.r.l. I can not answer in any way.

The Client can not buy the services offered by S.r.l. to resell them in favor of third parties, or to transfer data and information extracted from the site or the Application to third parties, either for payment or free of charge. The intellectual property rights, trademarks and technological solutions related to the services are and remain the property of S.r.l., if the property of third parties is not expressly indicated. The Client and the Users guarantee, for them and for the users, that they will not copy, decompile, disassemble, modify, rent, lease and / or borrow, distribute or transmit the software components that make up the network. services.

Art. 5. Operational guarantees and limitations of liability. S.r.l. guarantees that their applications will be functional and will be available, annually, for no less than 95% of the time. S.r.l. is not responsible for damages and is not responsible for any refund where, due to events that are not attributable to it (interruption of Internet services, electricity interruptions, etc.), the Client can not use the services offered. S.r.l. does not assume any responsibility for the services offered to customers and users for free, reserving, among other things, the ability to interrupt these services at any time, to change the contents of the content or to request payments to allow their subsequent use.

The Client and the Users declare that they know and accept the hardware and software prerequisites that have been described during the illustration of the offer or the activation of the application. The Client and the Users will also personally provide their personal computers or devices with the basic software necessary for the use of the service. The Client and the Users are responsible for the correct configuration of their hardware and for the installation of the preparatory software for the use of the service. The Customer and the Users will use the service through an Internet connection that must be provided through a separate subscription with a telecommunications operator, which guarantees an adequate bandwidth. The Client and the Users, therefore, assume full responsibility for any lack of correspondence of the connectivity with the necessary technical characteristics and for any malfunction or for the non-utilization of the services resulting therefrom. They are also obliged to pay for each cost on their own.